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Winters – Schram Associates

Client: Winter – Scharm Associates

Contractor: Innovative Painting & Waterproofing

System: Freedomtuff® GuardianGreen™

Products: Freedomtuff® 6160 Primer, Freedomtuff® 2190 polyurea, Freedomtuff® 4300 Polyurethane

Application: Green roof over occupied space.


Project Description

     2008, Winters – Schram architectural/contracting of Los Angeles, CA approached Freedom® Chemical Corporation to provide a green roof for a $10 million dollar home in Malibu, California.Freedom® Chemical Corporation recommended their FreedomTuff® GuardianGreen™ which requires no specific overburden of vegetation and doesn’t need a root barrier.

     The surface of the roof was prepared according to Freedom® Chemical Corporations specifications.  Freedomtuff® 6160 was applied at 8 mils and a 30-mesh sand was broadcast into the primer, then the   Freedomtuff® 2190 polyurea was sprayed at 80 mils and 40 mils of Freedomtuff® 4300 was applied over the surface.

     The previous specified system required the use of hot mop (tar) with fabric between each layer having a strong sulfur smell for several days during application. The FreedomTuff GuardianGreen system has no odor. The previous specified system had limitations to the that could be used. This required the purchase of the vegetation from the same supplier. The FreedomTuff® GuardianGreen™ system has no limitations for overburden and vegetation, no root barrier was required, no sulfur smell (tar) and doesn’t require termination points.

The FreedomTuff® product line is a revelation of what Polyureas, Polyurethanes, Polyaspartics and Epoxies are about. When so many products have been “made” for maximum impact, at Freedom® Chemical Corporation we’ve been content to let our products speak quietly. No need to shout when you have something special to say.

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