Center for the Arts

Renovation Project

Completion Date: March 2022
New Construction or Renovation: This is a renovation project

Client: Segerstrom Center for the Arts
Location: Costa Mesa, California
General Contractor: Johnson & Jennings
Sub Contractor: Innovative Painting and Waterproofing
Architect/Specifier/Consultant: Don Dancey

FT-6160 Primer FreedomTuff 6160- Product Data Sheet
FT-2216 Polyurea Freedom Tuff 2216- Product Data Sheet

Solution: Johnson & Jennings selected Freedom Chemical’s Guardian-WF™ to provide long lasting protection for the water feature, including 10,400 sq ft of Guardian-WF system from Freedom Chemical.  The combination of the products used provided excellent thermal stability; abrasion and chemical resistance; and durable installations with no odor, which was ideal for the water fountain feature.  For example, Freedom Chemical’s FreedomTuff 6160 is a two component 100% solids epoxy primer designed to treat new and existing concrete, masonry and wood. Freedom Chemical’s FreedomTuff 2216 is a fast setting, rapid curing, two-component modified aromatic spray polyurea, used as a general-purpose protective coating, that is flexible, abrasion, and impact resistant.

Challenge: The Segerstrom Center for the Arts is a performing arts complex in Costa Mesa, California. Segerstrom Hall has housed thousands of performances with a capacity of 3,000 guests. Fast return to service was critical as events are prescheduled.


The FreedomTuff® product line is a revelation of what Polyureas, Polyurethanes, Polyaspartics and Epoxies are about. When so many products have been “made” for maximum impact, at Freedom® Chemical Corporation we’ve been content to let our products speak quietly. No need to shout when you have something special to say.

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