Los Angeles Police Department

Flooring System

Products used:

Freedomtuff 6160 epoxy primer
Freedomtuff 2202 polyurea
Freedomtuff 4000 polyaspartic

Project description: in November of 2011, freedom chemical along with innovative painting & waterproofing were awarded the bid to apply a polyurea flooring system in the new Los Angeles police department jail. The polyurea system was chosen for its durability, ease of cleaning, and fast return to service.  Polyurea was selected to provide the protection needed in the harsh environment of a jail where inmates have plenty of time to tear things up.

Application: the jails were new construction with several thousand sq feet of concrete walls, floors and shower facilities.  The surface was checked for excessive moisture vapor pressure prior to the installation.  Freedom’s ft-6160 epoxy primer was first applied over the prepared surface.  Ft-2200 polyurea was then applied at 80 mils thick.  A top coat of freedoms ft-4000 polyaspartic was applied in grey to provide the desired non-skid and aesthetics.

Results: freedoms polyurea system provides a durable coating for jail and prison environments. The system is easy to clean and advantagish for sanitary reasons. The polyurea gets excellent adhesion to the concrete surface making it extreamily difficult for the inmates to remove the coating. If the inmates were to actually remove some of the coatings, it is flexible and not possible for them to use the pieces as weapons.


The FreedomTuff® product line is a revelation of what Polyureas, Polyurethanes, Polyaspartics and Epoxies are about. When so many products have been “made” for maximum impact, at Freedom® Chemical Corporation we’ve been content to let our products speak quietly. No need to shout when you have something special to say.

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