Protective Coating For Food & Beverage Processing

The best coating solution for flooring, walls, ceilings, and containment

By Kyle Flanagan, B.S.

Why Polyurea for Food and Beverage Coating Applications?

Food and beverage plants, including meat packaging and heavy-duty food preparation companies, need solutions to reduce the risk of E. coli, listeria and other microorganisms.  Guardian-FB™ Polyurea coatings provide seamless, impact resistant solutions over an array of substrates. In addition, Guardian-FB™ meets the USDA and ANSI-NSF 61 standards of food production.

For many food and beverage manufacturing plants, Guardian-FB™ Polyurea coating is one of the easiest to install. As there are no VOCs in these coatings, they have no odor and will not affect the purity of the final product. They also dry very quickly, sometimes within just seconds. They are also an excellent choice because they are both physically flexible and adapt easily to wide temperature changes: from -20° F to 250° F.

  • NSF & USDA compliant

  • Quick return to service

  • Seamless

  • Odorless

  • Instant setting

  • Walls, Celling’s & Floors

  • Cold Storage

  • Chemical Resistant

  • Resistant to bacteria

  • Solid Color

  • Seamless Enclosures

  • Ceilings

FREEDOMTUFF® GUARDIAN-FB™ is a proprietary system for creating solid color, seamless enclosures for cold storage, containment, ceilings, walls and floors specifically formulated to meet the demands of Food and Beverage environments. The system utilizes a fast set odorless polyurea which cures in
seconds allowing for limited downtime.

The Seamless System is applied in a single process to many substrates including concrete block, precast concrete, metal panels, wood and fiberglass. GUARDIAN-FB™ meets the requirements for USDA incidental food contact and NSF standards.

Primers: FT-6160 / FT-6160 FS / FT-6160 UF / FT-6600 MVR
Polyurea: FT-2202 / FT-1585 / FT-1590 HC
Wearcoat (optional): FT-4300 (sand or color quartz broadcast)
Topcoat (optional): FT-4100 WB / FT-4000 (clear or color)