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University of California Los Angeles – California

Products used:

Freedomtuff 2202 polyurea
Freedomtuff 6160 epoxy primer
Freedomtuff 4300 polyurethane

Project description: ucla medical center was in need of a sure bet waterproofing membrane when planning for this project. The hvac units were on top of an elevated roof which was situated just above electrical panels that ran various equipment throughout the university that was newly installed. The previous hot tare coating was showing serious signs of failing. Ucla turned to freedom chemical to supply them a system that would provide that guaranteed waterproofing system and accommodate some of the unique features of the unit.

Application: the loose tare was removed with power tools and the concrete was abraded to achieve sufficient profile. Freedomtuff 6160 epoxy primer was applied at 5 mils. A 20 grit aggregate was lightly thrown into the wet primer to allow for maximum mechanical adhesion of the polyurea. Freedomtuff stonegrip was applied under where the posts that held the units out a couple of feet from the base. A 20 grit aggregate was added to the wet stonegrip to again insure maximum mechanical adhesion of the polyurea. Freedomtuff 2202 was applied at 100 mils after the posts were installed.

Results: the contractor was able to accommodate the various unique features of the basin. This included posts, drain pipes and concrete stanchions. The units were


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