Waterproofing System

Products Used: System: Guardian-PD FT-6160 Primer FreedomTuff 6160 FT-2216 Polyurea Freedom Tuff 2216 FT-4300 Polyurethane Freedom Tuff 4300 FT-4000 Polyaspartic Freedom Tuff 4000

Project Team: Client: University of California, Irvine (UCI) Location: Irvine, California General Contractor: Tovey-Shultz Sub Contractor: Innovative Painting and Waterproofing Architect/Specifier/Consultant: Taylor Design, Division 7 Consulting

Solution: Taylor Design and Division 7 Consulting selected Freedom Chemical’s Guardian-PD to provide long lasting protection for the campus building, including 35,000 sq ft of Guardian-PD system from Freedom Chemical.  The combination of the products used provided excellent thermal stability; abrasion and chemical resistance; color and gloss retention; and durable installations with no odor, which was ideal for the multi-use campus facility.  For example, Freedom Chemical’s Freedom Tuff 6160 is a two component 100% solids epoxy primer designed to treat new and existing concrete, masonry and wood. Freedom Chemical’s Freedom Tuff 2216 is a fast setting, rapid curing, two-component modified aromatic spray polyurea, used as a general-purpose protective coating, that is flexible, abrasion, and impact resistant. Freedom Chemical’s Freedom Tuff 4300 is a 100% solids two-component hand-applied aromatic polyurethane used as a protective or waterproof coating with good chemical and abrasion resistance, it’s designed for use as a base or intermediate coat. Lastly, Freedom Chemical’s Freedom Tuff 4000 is an ASTM E-84 Class A fire rated two-component 100% aliphatic polyaspartic/polyurea top coat with excellent UV and color retention, designed for commercial, industrial and manufacturing atmospheres.

Challenge: Humanities Hall is one of UC Irvine’s original campus buildings that was completed in 1963. The building houses more than 20 heavily used classrooms and lecture halls, as well as a theater space, computer labs, and faculty and departmental offices. A seismic evaluation was conducted and identified major deficiencies related to line safety, accessibility requirements, and urgent deferred maintenance.

“Freedom Chemical products contributed to the success of the UC Irving’s project by performing
and turning the work back to the owner under budget and ahead of schedule.” – John Daniels, D7 Consulting


The FreedomTuff® product line is a revelation of what Polyureas, Polyurethanes, Polyaspartics and Epoxies are about. When so many products have been “made” for maximum impact, at Freedom® Chemical Corporation we’ve been content to let our products speak quietly. No need to shout when you have something special to say.

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