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Multi National Tank Rental Company – Houston, TX

Products used:

Freedomtuff 2202 polyurea

Project description: in 2011 a larger multinational rental company that supplies tanks for the oil and gas industry approached freedom chemical to provide a lining system for primary containment of vicon nf breaker. This is a mild acidic solution used in the drilling process for the oil and gas industry. The purpose of the lining system was to add to the longevity of the tank due to the highly corrosive nature of the solution. Freedom provided customer with chemical testing showing that ft2202 and ft2245 cr provided better than 90% retention of properties with long term exposure.

Application: the tanks were stainless steel. They were prepared with shot blast to achieve a profile of 3 – 4 mils. This was done with black beauty heavy slag high pressure blast. The ft2202 polyurea was applied at 100 mils using approved high pressure spray equipment.


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