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Los Angeles Dodgers

Flooring Solution

Products used: 
Freedomtuff 6160 epoxy primer
Freedomtuff 2190 sealflex polyurea
Freedomtuff 4300 stonegrip polyurethane
Freedomtuff 4200 gripseal aliphatic

Project description: In march 2014 the la dodgers needed a quick durable flooring solution on an upper deck area that would also be waterproof. The challenge was they would be starting their 2014 pre-season in only 7 days.

Application: Dodger stadium construction was started in 1957 and opening day was april 10, 1962. Already home to one of the larger polyurea jobs a number of years ago the dodger’s facilities people knew that polyurea could be the answer to their needs. They had areas where large cracks would need to be covered as well as a durable flooring system that would be both aesthetic and offer a waterproof and non-skid floor. This was an area of high traffic and the site for one of their major sponsors time warner cable.

Results: the polyurea system was chosen due to its durability, seamless application, fast turnaround time, non-skid properties, aesthetics and waterproofing properties. The end results was a flooring system that meet all the customers expectations. They were able to complete the job within 3 days and turn over to the time warner people to set up their booth in time for opening day pre-season 2014.


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