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Largest Texas Grocery Chain

Renovation Project

System: Freedom Guardian-FB Systems
Completion Date: January 2023
New Construction or Renovation: Renovation

Client: Largest Texas Grocery Chain
Location: Houston, TX
General Contractor Bill Hallas, KDX Coatings
Sub-Contractor: Tilted Concrete
Architect/Specifier/Consultant: Admiral Distribution, Greg Sprink

Solution: KDX Coatings, selected Freedom Chemical’s Polymer systems to provide long lasting protection for the warehouse area. Project was done cutting out old, failed fillers and cutting new clean, extra wide joints that will have the edges re-built to accept new Control Joint materials.  Heating blankets used to condition FT 9500QF to 80f to prevent a drawn-out cure on the cold floors. The addition of crushed glass as an aggregate medium allows for the contractor to obtain a flowable consistency most suited to the application. Simple 1:1 mix ratio with an addition of about 30% glass by volume measurement.  Installation of FT9700CJ deliberately overfilled so that when shaved (picture provided below) it provides a fully flush finish to the existing substrate. Thereby protecting the edges of the joint from the hard wheel forklift traffic.  FT9700CJ is ideal to repair and protect joints in exposed concrete retail floor and warehouse floors from further deterioration.  At the end of the day’s repairs, a small spall was noticed at the edge of a joint. Using FT9200S, a very fast setting general adhesive/repair system, the repair was made and returned to service within 2 minutes. The product here was in a neutral color but is available in colors.

Challenge: Owner must comply with Food & Safety inspections by repairing spalled areas and open joints to avoid the propagation of bacterial growth.  Wide open active warehouse which created repairs to be done in sections–minimal impact on day-to-day operations.  Done during cold temperatures which required fast cure products that were also pre-conditioned by the contractor to ensure full control of return to service.  Lastly, dairy products and produce on shelves, which required tenting repair areas to prevent any dust contamination during prep stages.


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