Is an instant setting, two-component spray applied, elastomeric waterproof system with a theoretical dry film thickness of 145 mils (3683 microns), 100% solids, solvent free and odorless. The GuardianDeck™ is a combination of FreedomTuff™ Primer, SealFlex™ base membrane a spray applied aromatic polyurea and StoneGrip™ wear coat that is a hand applied aromatic polyurethane with GripSeal™ an aliphatic topcoat which allows quick return to service.

Designed specifically to handle anticipated movement and yet durable and tough enough to withstand vehicular traffic. GuardianDeck™ system is used on primarily on concrete surfaces. Its quick gel and set time is convenient and allows for application to proceed while air and substrate temperatures are between 32° F (0º C) and 104° F (40º C).