Roof Top Deck

Products used:

FreedomTuff FreedomDeck
FreedomTuff 4000 PolyAspartic Grey, Blue & Gren
FreedomTuff 4300 Polyurethane
FreedomTuff 6160 Epoxy Primer

Project Description: In the winter of 2013, Equinox Fitness Club wanted a facelift of their elevated roof top deck. The area included a running track, 2 paddle board courts, and workout areas.  The existing urethane deck which had been down for 10 + years had severe uv degradation and color loss.

Application: The area was cleaned with high pressure (3000 psi) water wash.  Areas where the existing coating was failing were removed.  FT 6160 Epoxy Primer was applied to the removed areas directly on bare concrete at 5 mils wet.  FT StoneGrip was applied at 16 mils and a full broadcast of 20 grit aggregate was added.  GripSeal was applied as a colored top coat at a rate of 200 sq ft. per gallon.   two coats were required for the Blue & Green  top coat  to get the desired hiding and color.  Only one 5 mil wet coat of GripSeal Grey was needed to achieve desired hiding and color.

Results: WOW!  Pictures speak for themselves.  The deck was brought back to life.  One of the key features was the GripSeal was able to be applied at a rate thin enough to achieve the desired color and hiding  while maintaining the non-skid from the original urethane system.


The FreedomTuff® product line is a revelation of what Polyureas, Polyurethanes, Polyaspartics and Epoxies are about. When so many products have been “made” for maximum impact, at Freedom® Chemical Corporation we’ve been content to let our products speak quietly. No need to shout when you have something special to say.

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