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Waterproof Magazine – “Cold vs. Hot Applied”


WaterproofMag.com Cold Vs. Hot-Applied Liquid Applied Membranes and Coatings By Greg Austin Link To Article: https://www.waterproofmag.com/current-issue/ An expert in liquid applied membranes and coatings discusses the unique set of features and benefits to cold-applied and hot-applied waterproofing products. Which type is more durable? Check out this interesting article in the recent Waterproof Magazine.  Its titled “Cold vs. Hot Applied”.  Freedom Chemical® Guardian-PD™ system (ASTM C 836 approved cold applied) which has being on the market for more than a decade is summarized nicely here.  It’s a great short read if you [...]

Waterproof Magazine – “Cold vs. Hot Applied”2021-12-21T12:32:35-08:00

Protective Coating For Food & Beverage Processing


Protective Coating For Food & Beverage Processing The best coating solution for flooring, walls, ceilings, and containment By Kyle Flanagan, B.S. Why Polyurea for Food and Beverage Coating Applications? Food and beverage plants, including meat packaging and heavy-duty food preparation companies, need solutions to reduce the risk of E. coli, listeria and other microorganisms.  Guardian-FB™ Polyurea coatings provide seamless, impact resistant solutions over an array of substrates. In addition, Guardian-FB™ meets the USDA and ANSI-NSF 61 standards of food production. For many food and beverage manufacturing plants, Guardian-FB™ Polyurea coating is one of the easiest to install. As [...]

Protective Coating For Food & Beverage Processing2020-03-20T15:31:56-07:00

The History and Industry Adoption of Polyurea Coating Systems


Corrosionpedia.com The History and Industry Adoption of Polyurea Coating Systems By Kyle Flanagan, B.S. Link To Article: corrosionpedia.com/2/4458/coatings-and-lining/the-history-and-industry-adoption-of-polyurea-coating-systems Takeaway: Since the early 1990s, when fast-set polyurea coatings were first introduced, the industry debate about these coatings, hybrids and polyurethane spray systems has raged. In the decade that I've been working with polyurea spray coating technologies, plus four additional years on the polyurethane chemistry side, we have come a long way in our understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each chemistry. In today's industrial environment, downtime for any process can be very [...]

The History and Industry Adoption of Polyurea Coating Systems2020-03-13T21:41:47-07:00



FREEDOMTUFF® GUARDIAN-FB™ is a group of integrative coatings utilizing an epoxy primer, spray applied Freedomtuff® polyurea 2202, 1585 or 1590 HC polyurea, optional Freedomtuff® 4300 polyurethane intermediate coat and optional Freedomtuff® 4000 polyaspartic topcoat providing protective and elastomeric waterproofing with an overall theoretical dry film thickness between 80 mils± (2032 microns) to 140 mils± (3556 ± microns) used on concrete, frp panels, wood, metal and tile surfaces. GUARDIAN-FB™ system is tailored for food and beverage applications including cold storage, containment, walking surfaces, walls and ceilings. These coatings are 100% solids, solvent free and odorless, applied on vertical and horizontal surfaces forming a continuous seamless membrane.

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